Private, Personal & Customized

 We meet you in the port, in the hotel lobby or at the airport. We offer only private Day With A Local experience for you and your group.

You can choose your day program and your Local adapts to your and your group’s wishes and requests also during the day.

Locals give their own personality and point of view. This is NOT a guided tour but better yet, an experience with a Local!

Safe, Reliable & Professional

Our guests have been delighted by fast correspondence and our reliability. We reply in all e-mail & WhatsApp contacts in English within 24 hours. If you don’t receive a reply, please check your Spam folder!

Liisa, owner of the business and Helsinki Local herself, has handpicked and met all team members in person in all cities: Tallinn, Stockholm, Helsinki and Porvoo. All team members have been trained to host you, yet keeping their own personality at the same time, to keep the experience genuine.

Sincere, Transparent & Fair

We give only recommendations based on our own experiences. Day With A Local fees and additional costs are visible. All of our team members are paid for their time & effort.

*) Price example: 395 € for 7 hours/group of 1 to 8 when paid online min. 1 month in advance. Any length of day is available. Different pricing on national holidays, from the airport and Nynäshamn port. Please note that your public transportation or other transportation, possible admission fees, food or drinks aren’t included. Local’s basic costs and VAT 24 % are included.

Experience cities local way

We walk and use public transportation, as locals do. In all of the cities public transportation is the most convenient way to go around.

If you’ve got any special needs, please let us know and we can make arrangements suitable for you. We are happy to arrange you private transportation, for example. Our concierge type additional services (as arranging special arrangements) start from 60 euros. If there is an additional fee from the arrangements, you are always informed in advance!

TripAdvisor traveller rating 5/5

“Excellent personalised tour of Helsinki”

As someone who owns a private travel service and organises trips around the world, I found Liisa to be one of the most responsive and helpful local guides I have ever worked with in any city. Read More >>


TripAdvisor traveller rating 5/5

“Like being with a friend”

Liisa was super organized and very communicative. I emailed her 2 days before from the website and got everything planned. We spent 6 hours walking around tourist sites and local places in Helsinki. It was a very enjoyable day. On TripAdvisor>>


TripAdvisor traveller rating 5/5

“Saw the Real Helsinki with Liisa!”

I loved how she took our group to see not only a few of the touristy places but also brought us to the more local areas. Great energy and a fun place to visit in the summer.

Devon P

TripAdvisor traveller rating 5/5

“Wonderful, well-paced, interesting day”

Liisa is an expert at showing off Helsinki. She has great pacing and knows when you might need a rest, a restroom, and takes the time to explain things where everyone in the group can hear and ask questions. Read more >>

Anna B

TripAdvisor traveller rating 5/5

“Excellent experience”

Virva took us all around the city, seeing some of the sites that everyone wants to see, and then some other, less-known but equally interesting places — We also had a very good lunch at a small restaurant that we would have never have visited on our own. Highly recommend! Read more >>


TripAdvisor traveller rating 5/5

“Liisa in Helsinki and Marju in Tallinn – Wonderful experience”

Marju was very friendly, knowledgeable and accomodative. Liisa really gave us a feel of Helsinki. Read more >>

Suchanda S

3 hours 195 €
4 hours 255 €

5 hours 315 €
6 hours 335 €

7 hours 395 €
8 hours 435 €

9 hours 495 €
10 hours 555 €

  • Advance payment prices are available when you are paying online minimum one (1) month in advance in one (1) payment.
  • This pricing is for groups of 1 to 8 when they are hosted by one (1) Local. Groups of 9 or more are hosted by two (2) or more Locals. Additional fee for a large group is added when group size exceeds 8. Please make an inquiry for a large group by e-mail or contact form.
  • Different pricing on national holidays, from Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm airports and Nynäshamn port, see our online store for specific pricing.
  • Please note that your public transportation, possible admission fees, food or drinks aren't included. Local's basic costs (food, drinks & public transportation) and VAT 24 % are included.
  • When booking for 2019 and paying by the end of year 2018, 2018 price list is in use.

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3. Submit

your request and we will contact you by e‑mail within 24 hours. This request is not binding.

Experience basket is a tool where you can create your own Day With A Local. By choosing preferences and experiences you can tell us what you'd like to do with us. You can add additional information before sending this inquiry. Making an inquiry by using our experience basket is not a final order but only an inquiry that is not binding. We'll contact you by e-mail within 24 hours and you can then finalize your booking. Note that the pricing visible on experience basket does not apply from the airport or on public holidays. Different pricing from the airport, outside Helsinki and on public holidays, including Easter, Midsummer, Independence Day, Christmas and New Year.

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Have a worry-free day with us


Itinerary is created based on your preferences


Have interaction with a Local instead of 'following the umbrella'


Your Local reacts to your needs in terms of pace, breaks and a change in plans

Priced per group of 1 to 8

Prices are announced per group up to 8 people. Additional cost for 9+ people.

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