Updated April 2022

Vaccinated travellers, welcome!

See updated requirements for arriving to Finland at https://raja.fi/en/guidelines-for-border-traffic-during-pandemic

It is easiest to arrive to Finland when you are fully vaccinated. See other options from Raja.fi website (link above). 

Certificates of Covid19 vaccinations are not checked at the moment in restaurants, events or other. It was expected in most venues, restaurants and such when entering (according to restrictions that took place 28th November 2021 onwards) and might be taken into use again but it is not in use at the moment (April 2022).

Certificate of Covid 19 vaccinations is not needed for children born in 2007 or later. 


Arriving to Finland

Make your arrival to Finland smoother by using Finentry service:

Fill your information in also when you have been vaccinated and when quarantine or mandatory PCR tests aren't expected. You may choose Finentry line at the airport or at the port.

Learn about current rules and restrictions when arriving to Finland from the following links (external links opening in a new tab):
- Travel to and from Finland by the Finnish Government, official website
Guidelines for border traffic during pandemic by the Finnish Border Guard, official website
- Vaccine series accepted in Finland by the Finnish Institure for Health and Welfare, official website
- Re-open EU


Covid19 in Finland, situation in January 2022

82.9 % of Finnish over 12-year olds are vaccinated at least twice. 37.6 % of over 12-year olds have been vaccinated three times. 86.3 % have been vaccinated once. When calculating this from the whole population (starting from age 0), 73.0 % have been vaccinated at least twice. 33.1 % have been vaccinated three times. 76.0 % have been vaccinated at least once. (situation on 14th January 2022)

Around 80 % of people who are in the hospital care have not been vaccinated twice or more (situation in December 2021).

At the moment 672 people are in hospital with Covid19 (situation on 14th January 2022). It has been in the news that part of the people are in the hospital mainly due to another medical condition.

There have been total 371 135 Covid19 cases in Finland since the beginning of the pandemic (situation on 14th January 2022). Total 1724 deaths have been reported due to Covid19 (situation on 14th January 2022).

Source: Yle, graphs in English opens in a new tab)


Day With A Local is taking the following health measures due to Covid19

- Our Locals have been vaccinated at least twice and we serve only at least twice vaccinated guests.
- We avoid any physical contact such as handshake or a hug and greet at a distance.
- Our guests can choose if their Local wears a mask at all times.
- We avoid crowds.
- We use hand sanitizer frequently.


Further information on Visit Finland website (external link)

Practical Information for Travelers to Finland during Corona Pandemic