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Hi! I’m a Japanese speaking Local in Helsinki. I’m originally from Japan and have been living in Helsinki region in Finland since 2007.

Through hobbies, activities and work, I spend most of my time in Helsinki. I live in Vantaa, just next to Helsinki. I traveled to Finland and Helsinki two times, in total two months around 10 years ago, before I settled down here a couple of years later.

I find Helsinki very easy and safe and it feels more like my home city than where I’m from! I’ve been learning Finnish culture through my friends in many ways and I enjoy Finnish nature a lot. I’m looking forward to share all this with you!

Favourite spots in Helsinki

saunas, flea markets, antique/second hand shops, Suomenlinna, tea shops and tea rooms and urban nature, and Linko pizza bar in Töölö, where you can enjoy very unique nice tasty Finnish style pizza!

I could take you also to

museums, churches, cafés and around different neighbourhoods

Favourite Finnish food

Karelian pasty, warm smoked salmon, vendace, oat products, rye bread, quark


culture, design, street and gourmet food, food in nature (berries, mushrooms and wild herbs), local experiences, multicultural event, choir music and tea culture


picnics, local events, sauna, choir singing