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Hi! I host Day With A Local guests in German, English & French in Helsinki. Follow me to the local art and design scene or for a stroll on Suomenlinna Sea Fortress! I am excited to show Helsinki highlights as well as local lifestyle to you and your group.

I’m a Finnish-German-Hungarian local in Helsinki, where I have been living since 2010, and a master’s degree student in French Philology. As I was born and raised in Germany my first language is German.  Art, design, architecture & history are what I’m especially interested in.

I love how vibrant the local city culture is: in the summer there is always something happening! Some of my favorites are all the outdoor events, like street food festivals, flea markets, and free open-air music concerts. During summer you will also find me at many social dance events of the region as it is my dear hobby. You are very welcome to join me!

Because of my background I know Helsinki very well and that’s why it was great to join the Day With A Local team recently. I am taking bookings also on a short notice (subject to availability).

My favorite spots in Helsinki

Töölönlahti Bayarea, Senate Square, Market Square & surroundings, Hietalahti Market & its surroundings, Eira and Ullanlinna neighborhoods


Favourite Finnish food

Cinnamon roll, oven baked salmon and new potatoes, cured salmon with fresh dill, Fazer chocolate, salty licorice ‘salmiakki’