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Masks are at use

Masks are still in use in public transportation. Using a mask is required from all over 12 year old passengers unless using a mask is not possible due to health reasons.

Part of the visitors still use a mask in events and public spaces.

Events are organized and restaurants are open normally

There are no restrictions taking place related to any organized events or restaurant opening hours. Alcohol is served until one hour before the restaurant or bar closes. Some restaurants have not yet opened due to shortage of customers but Helsinki has got quite lively in March 2022.

However, when planning your holiday, please notice that restrictions have started to take place on short notice if the Covid situation gets worse again.

Restrictions lifted in March

Currently (spring 2022) no restrictions are taking place in Finland. However the Covid19 case number stays still high and new restrictions are always possible, even on short notice. Restaurant restrictions were lifted on 1st March 2022.

Covid passports are not in use at the moment

As there are no restrictions taking place, Covid passports are not in use at the moment. If restrictions start again taking place, Covid passport will be taken in use again.

Fully vaccinated travellers, welcome!

From 14th March 2022 to 8th May 2022, the following takes place at the border:

All incoming passengers born 2006 or earlier, arriving outside EU/Schengen, are required to have either

  • EU Covid passport, or their country's official vaccination card with full approved Covid19 vaccination series, and last vaccination must be taken 7 or more days ago, or
  • certificate of Covid19 disease and at least approved one vaccination, or
  • EU digital certificate of Covid19 disease, not older than 6 months, or
  • negative Covid19 test result.

Covid test is not required at the moment if you have the full approved Covid19 vaccination series or certificate of the Covid19 disease and approved vaccination/vaccinations.

Always remember to check separately your airline requirements.

As the case number of Covid19 cases is high in Helsinki area, it is easiest and most safe to visit Finland when you are fully vaccinated. 

For more information, please check (external link)


Expired information from winter 2021-2022:

Negative Covid19 test results were required along with Covid passport

(EXPIRED) From 28th of December 2021 onwards, until 31st January 2022, all incoming passengers were required to have EU Covid passport or their country's official vaccination card, as well as a negative Covid test result within 48 hours before arrival to Finland. This was demanded from everyone born in 2006 or earlier. You could not enter Finland only with a negative test result from 28th December onwards from another EU country.

Last orders for alcohol before 5 pm, restaurants close at 6 pm

(EXPIRED) From 28th December 2021 onwards alcoholic beverages in restaurants and bars were served only between 9 am and 5 pm, in some cases between 5 am and 5 pm. Many restaurants remained closed because of this. Alcohol serving restrictions took place partly until February and the rest of restrictions were lifted on 1 March 2022.

Our suggestion was you to contact Day With A Local for up-to-date restaurant suggestions as there were still good options available if you just knew about them! All recommendations we give are based on our own experiences and are not paid by any cooperation partner.

Temporary closures for spas, saunas and other venues in Helsinki region

(EXPIRED) Regional State Administrative Agency informed about new restrictions and closures for Uusimaa region, where Helsinki is located at, on 23rd of December 2021 and new restrictions took place until Februry 2022. Temporary closures of spas, saunas, gyms took place as well for that time. Also all public events were cancelled or rescheduled.

EU digital Covid Passport and certificates from other countries were accepted in restaurants and venues

(NOT IN USE) When you have been vaccinated minimum 2 times and have a valid EU Covid Passport or official certificate from your country in English, you could access restaurants and venues that require Covid passport when Covid passport was at use in venues. However using Covid passport was not an option for more severe restrictions that took place.

What remained open?

Closure of all sights did not take place so there still was plenty to do in Helsinki even though restaurant scene got smaller and spas and saunas closed.

  • Rock Church (Temppeliaukion kirkko, Church in the Rock) remained open. Covid certificate was needed in all concerts.
  • Oodi Library remained open. Public events were not held in winter weeks.
  • Museums remained open. Tours or public events were not held. Covid certificate/passport was required from visitors 16 years old or older.
  • Korkeasaari Zoo was open but indoor spaces were closed.

There were no restrictions for moving outside so you could explore Helsinki city and Helsinki region outdoors as much as you wanted to.

Further information provided by Visit Finland (external link to Visit Finland website)

Practical Information for Travelers to Finland during Corona Pandemic